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About Us.

Our family is proud to have served over a million happy customers. 

~ The restaurant employ people and consider as their family ~

Our Resto.

We provide high quality food with exceptional service at affordable prices.

Our Core Values

Our cultures raise us in a way that always protects us from “others,” risking losing the ability to really connect with people who are different from us in ethnicity , religion, gender and belief. The universe is more than what we recognise or understand as human beings. In our humanity, there are bigger things that bring us here.

Chef's Story

Meet The Taste Experts

Our restaurant has become a true point of intersection: serving a diverse community in Canada as a unique gathering place, a restaurant, a bakery and a café. Drawing inspiration from the classic Middle Eastern staples to offer a border-less experience that does not belong to countries, religions or races. Food does not take sides, and I would like to express this tale by creating a place out of similarities in the Middle East rather than focusing on differences something that I hope Canada will embrace as well.